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We provide food processing knives so as that it will meet the needs of our customers and have all OEM features.

We manufacture all food processing knives in types stated below. We make production for flat , curved ,convex , gear , carved and for different cutting processes.

The knives we manufacture are made of stainless steel by means of controlled heating process of high quality for all kinds of  food processing knives.

You can see some of food processing knives we manufacture for our customers in the catalogue pictures below.



Berkel – Clewe – Daub – Delta – Dumbril – Gasparin –

Hansaloy – Heristal – Herlitzius – Inozy – Jac – Kalmeyer –

Maho – Mainca – Mono – National – Oliver – Record – Renove –

Rosen & Robert – Unimac – VLB – Wabama – WP Haton


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